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TEMCo is a Transformer Manufacturer You Can Trust - a Member of The Better Business Bureau. TEMCo  Is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.  Offering Stock and Custom Transformers.

TEMCo is a Standard and Custom Transformer Manufacturer you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Will Burt Light Tower

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Light Tower Home
TEMCo Light Tower offers a wide variety of high quality stock and custom light towers. Trust TEMCo as your light tower manufacturer supplier.

Phase Converter
TEMCo Rotary Phase Converters provide balanced 3-phase power converted from a 1-phase power source.  Also read about Static Phase Converter and CNC Phase Converters.

Motor Generator Set
TEMCo Motor Generator Sets are used to provide load isolation, frequency conversion, and phase conversion.

Electric Motor
TEMCo carries thousands of models and brands of electric motors, motor control, and drives such as Baldor Motors, WEG and Leeson at wholesale prices!

Power Generator
TEMCo carries thousands of models and brands of electric generators such as Robin Generators, Pow'R Gard and Baldor Generators at wholesale prices!

Variable Frequency Drive
TEMCo caries a range of high quality VFDs are wholesale prices. Applications range from controlling speed, torque, breaking, direction, multi-speed, etc.

Custom Power Transformers
TEMCo offers highest quality custom transformers fast! 5-day turn around on most models. Call our Transformer Manufacturer Specialists with your specs. We will give you a quote and get your custom transformer order started today! 510-490-2187.

More Transformers
TEMCo offers the widest range of stock power transformer models.  Read about additional power transformer types and find the type you require today.


State-of-the-Art Stock & Custom Light Tower Manufacturer Offering Top Quality at Wholesale Prices!

Wilburt Light Towers

Starting from tiny repair shop in small-town Ohio in 1894, Willburt company has grown into a superior light tower company.  Wilburt light towers have a modern look and state-of-the art design.  Wilburt light towers are one of the highest rated mobile light towers on the market today. With their focus on emergency services and military, Wilburt light towers have a specialized purpose. Wiburt light towers cross international boundaries providing both halogen and halide lamps. The Wilburt light tower and mast line is called "Telescoping Masts".  They are not  the typical form of tower lighting.  Wilburt light towers are designed and manufactured primarily for moving vehicle roof tops.

Wilburt Light Tower Applications

Wilburt manufacturers a variety of light towers specifically designed with certain applications and consumers in mind.   The two types of Wilburt light towers are "roof-mounted" and the "military" mobile light tower.  The Wilburt light towers are produced with detail features that benefit the following applications:

  • Emergency Services - Fire  & Rescue
  • Construction & Industrial Sites
  • Military/Government, Mobile Radar Applications
  • Security & Surveillance

Wilburt-Towermast Light Tower Telescoping Masts

Roof Mounted NightScan Series Light Towers- Model #'s 1.0, 1.8, 2.3, 3.0, 4.5, Profiler

Nightscan 1.0 & 1.8 -  Roof-mounted Wilburt light towers are designed for small first responder vehicles. Operates on electricity only. Extension is 3.3 to 6 feet. 6,000 watts AC light, 600 watts DC light.

Wilburt Light Tower Rooftop ScanNightscan 2.3 & 3.0 - Fold down light tower requires no internal vehicle space. Extension height is 7.5 - 10ft. Full light rotation. 6,000 - 9,000 watts AC light, 600 watts DC light. Optional strobe/beacon light. NFPA 1901 compliant.

Nightscan 4.3 - Designed for emergency vehicles. Extension up to 15 ft. 6 lamps with 9,000 watts of AC light.  Lights may be pointed in opposite directions. Full extension in under 60 seconds. NFPA 1901 compliant.

Nightscan Profiler -  Offers 21 inch single light stack of 3 lamps. 4,500 watts. Similar to the Nightscan 3.0 yet offers dual-tilt remote control. Compact and narrow in size only 21 inches. NFPA compliant.

Portable Military Masts -
These light tower masts support cameras, antennas and lights. Some models offer 25 feet to 70 feet of extension. Able to support 1500lbs. Ideal for quick deployment. Black hardcoat sealed and anodized aluminum meets MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class II. Optional finishes for military vehicles.

Find the Right Wilburt Light Tower to meet your Specifications

At TEMCo we offer a wide selection of Wilburt-Towermast light towers.  TEMCo has highly trained and field experienced technicians and engineers in consultant roles in order to serve our customers with every aspect of their wilburt light tower purchase.  TEMCo backs it's high quality products and prides itself on it's 100% customer satisfaction rate.  TEMCo is able to offer wholesale prices because our inventory is so large.

TEMCo has been in the power supply business for 40 years.  We provide services internationally custom designing and distributing such products as PTO Generators, Aircraft Ground Power Units, Three Phase Motors and TEMCo Phase Converters. TEMCo will ship your products to you within 48 hours world-wide.  Call a TEMCo Consultant today for a free consultation and quote!

TEMCo Standard and Custom Light Tower Supplier
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Wilburt Light Tower
Wilburt Light Tower



Wilburt Light Towers at TEMCo
We Supply A Wide Variety of High Quality Wilburt Light Tower Models


Wilburt Light Tower Accessories at TEMCo
Wilburt Light Tower & Mast Accessories Available at TEMCo

TEMCo Light Tower Distribution: The Light Tower  Manufacturer Supplier of Choice for Electricians, Industrial and Construction Industries.

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TEMCo Light Tower Distribution: High Quality, Efficient, Fast Turnaround of Custom Designed Light Towers Manufactured to your Specifications!

Call for Wilburt light tower sale information.  Wilburt light towers manufactured for sale throughout the U.S. and Internationally.

Quality Companies Choose Wilburt Light Towers - TEMCo's Customers Include:


TEMCo has experience manufacturing electrical products since 1968. TEMCo is a light tower manufacturer supplier you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau. We use the latest proven technology to spec manufacture high quality industrial grade light towers and other electrical products. All our products are built to last using the highest quality standards using only the highest quality supplies. As a result, TEMCo electrical products have a long operational life, lasting many years under proper use. All models are backed by our quality warranty, offering heavy duty quality at a great price.

TEMCo is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.  Offering Stock and Custom Transformers.TEMCo is a Stock and Custom Transformer Manufacturer You Can Trust - a Member of The Better Business Bureau.

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